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Month: November, 2013

Commuting: An Adjunct’s Lament

I wrote about my horrible L.A. commute for The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Adjunct Blog: When my wife and I moved to Los Angeles, I wanted to keep adjuncting. This was in 2008, when the economy was imploding. But I was determined to teach, so I went through the LA Times education supplement, made a […]

On Jews and Capitalism

This week The Jewish Daily Forward published my not-so-comprehensive history of Jews and derivatives trading. It’s a fun piece — check it out. But it occurs to me now that there’s a 95% chance the link will end up on some white supremacist website as further “proof” of the Jewish banking conspiracy. I’m only half-joking. […]

Tales from the New Economy

My novella Adjunctivitis (which you should buy immediately!) is based on some of the experiences I had as an adjunct in Los Angeles. Although I wouldn’t quite call it autobiographical, the emotional content is close to home. I’m talking about those feelings of isolation and failure and the constant anxiety that comes with being contingent […]

I Wrote These Stories and I Would Like You to Read Them

  My best-selling novella, Adjunctivitis, is available as an Amazon Kindle Single. You can buy it here, and you can get free Kindle reading apps here. An excerpt: On a mild April afternoon in Los Angeles Robert Allen Rabinowitz sat down for an essay-grading session and realized that he could no longer perform the task without […]

Visual Inspiration (or, How to Kill Time After Quitting Your Day Job)

Since my novella Adjunctivitis is set in Los Angeles, it’s only natural that I put in a lot of stuff about cars. One afternoon I took a research trip to a South L.A. salvage yard. It turned about to be a strangely peaceful afternoon. Here are some snaps I took to help me write.

Adjunctivitis: A Novella

“A romantic comedy with a twist from a startling new talent.“ A struggling young writer, stuck with dead-end teaching jobs he’s literally allergic to, watches glumly from Hollywood’s fringes as everyone else seems to succeed. Then a chance encounter with television’s Mr. Big puts fame and fortune within his grasp — but is that what […]


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