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Month: February, 2014

Pilots I Pitched That Did Not Get Picked Up

Brain Food A zombie who solves crimes survives by eating the brains of other zombies. NCIS: Skokie The Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigates a mysterious rash of zombie slayings in a bustling Midwestern metropolis. Accounts Slayable A sexy, suspenseful thriller about a CPA who solves group health care tax fraud cases with the help of […]

Amazon: The New Evil Empire?

  This week in the New Yorker, George Packer has a skeptical piece about Amazon. It’s worth a read, but I found it a little confused. Here, in no particular order, are my thoughts: The Big 5 are angry and scared. Amazon has inserted itself into the book business and taken a chunk of their […]

Tales from the New (and Not-So-New) Economy

  This week I am featured on the Chronicle of Higher Ed’s How I Get By series. I kvetch about adjunct life and my hellish commute in Los Angeles. And yet today in New York City, as I was pelted by freezing rain, I was thinking that LA really wasn’t so bad. Regardless I thought […]

5 Guilt Free Writing Tips

  (More fun with the traffic-glomming Tweak Your Biz Title Generator) Use only gluten-free notebooks. Walking on a desk treadmill while you write will help you stay fit and also make you look like a complete tool. For arm strength, type with 5-lb free weights duct-taped to your wrists. Do 10 burpees after every sentence. […]


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