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Month: June, 2014

A Writer’s Manifesto

  1. I will use social media wisely. If I have work to share, I will share it. But I will never blog/tweet/Facebook about how hard writing is or how many words I wrote today. Nobody cares! And every time I get caught humblebragging (“I am overwhelmed by all the talent here at Yaddo!”) I […]

Literary Selfie!

  I have a story called “The German Photographer” in the Parenthetical Review, a lovely new lit mag. So, to celebrate that, and to remind myself that I am not a lonely, aging hack typing away in an isolated cabin, here’s a partial list of my recent publications. SHORT STORIES Bourges, 1990, about music and […]

Yes I Am Sanctimonious and Self-Righteous But Read This Anyway

Many of my readers (and how I love to type “my readers” even though this blog is read by only a few of my buddies and maybe an ex-girlfriend or two) have no doubt been following the business of a hipster leftie magazine and its alleged mockery of rape threats received by a certain journalist. […]

Karl Ove Knausgaard Saves the Earth from a Giant Asteroid

  When I think of my mission, that is, to save the Earth from being destroyed by a giant asteroid, it is not the importance of it that makes me anxious, but rather the banality of my many tasks. Whenever I must once again verify the EVA CB configuration, downlink the OCA data via the […]

Adjunct Survival Guide

  [N.B.: You are welcome to submit your own ideas. And to email me for advice.] Health Emotional Health. Don’t make yourself feel bad for feeling bad. If you’re grumpy or depressed or feeling horrendously inadequate, just accept it. I’m not saying embrace it. I’m saying that when you’re in a shitty situation  it’s normal […]

Ivory Tower of Shame! (On the Dearth of Conservatives in Higher Ed)

A couple of days ago the New Criterion published a piece on the dearth of conservatives in higher education. Now, most academics that I know would read the previous sentence and say that dearth is a good thing, because conservatives are terrible people and they’re wrecking the country. But I am going to put forward […]

All Aboard the Literary Blog Train

Thanks to my friend Mary Valle for inviting me along for the e-ride. What am I working on? • An apocalyptic novel about the Jewish messiah (excerpt!) • A story about a guy who inherits his grandmother’s memory • A story about a miserable unsuccessful person in New York (because no one has ever written […]

Even More Adjunct Horror Stories

1. Alice Doesn’t Work Here Anymore I left my adjunct teaching position in the middle of last semester for a job offer I received after a year of searching—applying for positions like academic advising, admissions recruiting, community education with non-profit organization, and reception at a massage therapy clinic. (This is what the job market in […]


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