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Month: July, 2014

A Sincere Apology to the Good Guys (or, Rock Me, Academics!)

  In my last post I criticized an oped from The Chronicle of Higher Ed for its condescending attitude toward those on the lowest rungs of the academic ladder. Its author thought it problematic that adjuncts and graduate students are no longer staying quiet about working their asses off for peanuts — like the “venomous […]

Another Patronizing Academic Who Thinks He Knows Better

I want to stop blogging about adjuncting because (a) there are more qualified people doing it and (b) it doesn’t earn me any money. And then something comes along that irritates me so much that I feel compelled to respond. One A.W. Strouse wrote an op-ed for The Chronicle of Higher Education criticizing the “wild […]

What to Do About the War in Gaza

  I’ve found it impossible to avoid the constant barrage of opinion from people about the current war in Gaza. Everybody’s making all sorts of demands, “Israel needs to do this, the Palestinians need to do that.” They type, type, type, they feel better, or they get into a pseudo-debate everyone gets upset and kicks […]

The Collected Works of Gordon Haber (on Adjuncting)

  Welcome, wilkommen, bienvenue, come on in! Last week, to my surprise, my Writer’s Manifesto went modestly viral (more like a slight cold than Ebola). So while I have your attention, I want to do some awareness-raising about the plight of adjuncts. Not that I really like the idea of “raising awareness,” because said raising […]

It’s a Haber Harmonic Convergence

No, we’re not talking about two drinks for the price of one or back-to-back Bob Seger songs. We’re talking about two fine examples of journalism and commentary from me: My modest proposal in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision: give corporations the right to bear arms. Theater artists respond to the Pew Survey on […]


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