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Month: October, 2014

On Success in America

…it was strange because we’d been doing Python for so long in a sense before we really took off. When I met the guys who do the animated series South Park at Aspen a year ago, it was a couple of pieces of paper, and now they’ve got sixty animators working with them. That’s what […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work (or Lack of Tax Dollars to Help Corporations but Not Necessarily Anyone Else)

  According to the Queens Courier, York College is negotiating with private firms to build on 3.5 acres of the the college’s free land. The deal is that companies can use the land without paying any New York City taxes at all for 10 years—no corporate, sales or property taxes. What nobody can tell me […]

Adjuncts in Space!

There’s a fascinating piece in The Economist this week on how satellites search for planets. Not surprisingly, it’s an expensive endeavor—one French satellite cost about $220m; an American one cost $600m. And both satellites are now, of course, defunct. Four graduate students from Germany’s Stuttgart University have a better idea. They want to utilize more […]

Great Moments in Nonprofit Chutzpah

Here’s a really wonderful example of nonprofit chutzpah: The Taproot Foundation is advertising — on a job board — for pro bono copywriters. And what is the Taproot Foundation? “A nonprofit organization that makes business talent available to organizations that are working to improve society.” In other words, you (hereinafter referred to as “the sucker”) […]

Writers: Buy This. It Can Help.

  Friends: my delightful wife, in whom I delight, has published a fantastic writing guide, 9 Juicy Weeks to a Wonderfully Imperfect First Draft. It will help you get through your first draft (duh) and help you develop a little discipline and a relatively pain-free writing process. It’s great for fiction writers, playwrights, screenwriters and […]


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