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Month: March, 2015

The Funniest Thing I’ve Read This Week

From Karl Marx: A Biography, by David McLellan: “Whether Marx himself possessed anti-semitic tendencies is a matter of much controversy: certainly a superficial reading of his pamphlet On the Jewish Question would indicate as much; and his letters contain innumerable derogatory epithets concerning Jews; but this does not justify a charge of sustained anti-semitism.”

Drop Everything

Stop what you’re doing immediately and have a look at my new e-publishing venture, Dutch Kills Press, LLC.

All This Thinkiness About Student Shaming Is Missing the Point

Here’s the backstory: Vitae started a column, “Dear Student,” in which professors kvetch about the irritating things that students do every single semester, like not bothering to buy the textbook or not showing up to class. Some guy says that he will no longer write for Vitae because said column is “student-shaming.” Someone else says […]


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