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Month: April, 2015

Adjuncts! It’s Your Own Damn Fault! That Arrogant Libertarian Troll is Absolutely Right!

It is your fault! The arrogant libertarian troll (aka Jason Brennan) argues that (1) adjuncts should have known what the risks were and how bad the system is and (2) they have better options. In other words, adjuncts, it’s your own damn fault. Adjuncts should have known how hard it is to get a decent […]

The 12 Reasons My Book Deal Collapsed

  Because they were trying to anticipate what the reviewers would say and have me rewrite the book accordingly, which, I can tell you as a fiction writer and a book reviewer, is a waste of time. Because they wanted me to make changes to satisfy the marketing people. Because I was repeatedly asked, “Why […]

Book Deal, Shmook Deal

I will not be publishing my novel. At least not with that company. We agreed on some changes. I did them. Then they said, “Make these other changes or we won’t publish the book.” I offered a few concessions. But if I followed the bigger changes it would have ruined the book. So that’s that. […]

A Brief Guide to Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Reactions to the Violence in Yarmouk

Appropriate Shock, Sadness, Anger Donation to Syria Relief or Doctors Without Borders Inappropriate Noting the hypocritical silence of those who only care about Palestinians when they are harmed by Israelis, which, while being a trenchant observation, makes you look petty if it’s your only reaction to epic suffering  

I Love The Economist But When It Comes to Higher Ed They Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

Last week The Economist ran a special section on higher ed. (Speaking of capitalism, I was late getting to the report because I was busy with this.) It’s surprisingly self-contradictory for a magazine that prides itself on its clarity of thought. Here are just a few things the report gets wrong: 1. It blames the […]


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