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Month: May, 2015

An Open Letter to Steven B. Long, Esq. Who Cuts UNC Programs for Capitalism

Dear Mr. Long, Greetings from New York City, land of liberals and lattes! I read that the Board of Governors of the UNC System voted to discontinue 46 degree programs. I am sure that you know all about that, because, as the Vice-Chairman of the Planning Committee, you voted for the cuts. I am writing […]

Now Even the Chronicle Is Clicktrolling

You may have read Negotiating Your Way to a Fair Adjunct Experience on Vitae. I am not linking to it because I have no interest in helping the Chronicle get more pageviews, even the modest number this blog may provide. Anyway. The piece is about how adjuncts should negotiate and be willing to walk if […]

The 10 Best Ways to Avoid Reading Listicles

Remember that someday you will die. Think of the poor suffering children with no access to the Internet. Keep a caged hungry ferret next to your laptop, and whenever you’re tempted to read a listicle, stick your hand in the cage. If you’re a conservative, tell yourself that every time you read a listicle, Al […]

The 10 Things That Successful People Don’t Do on Monday Mornings

  Many people have asked me how I got so successful. “Gordon,” they say. “How did you get so much of the success?” The first thing I tell them is that behind every good man there is a good woman with a better job. The second thing I tell them is that success is less […]

The Soothing Stroke of the Invisible Hand

Some time ago I begged people to stop writing stupid things about adjuncts, because I am unable to stop myself from responding and thus I take time away from writing for money. Therefore every time you write something stupid about adjuncts, you are taking food from my child’s mouth. Today my hackles have been raised […]


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