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Literary Selfie: Summer 2016

  My new short story, His Grandmother’s Memory, is available here as an Amazon Kindle single. I read from my short story Publish and Perish for C-Span. I had a piece about the prosperity gospel in Religion & Politics. I had a piece about the key to understanding Bernie Sanders (hint, he’s an aging Jewish man) […]

The Honest Resume

Education 1990: BA in English and Fine Arts (double major!) from a state school whose English and Fine Arts departments were the opposite of rigorous and mostly staffed by bored, detached tenured faculty. 2002: MFA in Creative Writing, Fiction Concentration, from an Ivy League institution (Columbia if you must know), which I am still paying […]

Great Moments in Paying Artists with “Exposure”: December, 1970

Mitzi Shore made [the Comedy Store] a place where comics could be seen, get exposure, commune and confer with their comic brethren, and workshop their material in front of an audience. She did it for all the comics. Which is why she thought she didn’t need to pay them. (from Furious Cool: Richard Pryor and […]

Another Patronizing Academic Who Thinks He Knows Better

I want to stop blogging about adjuncting because (a) there are more qualified people doing it and (b) it doesn’t earn me any money. And then something comes along that irritates me so much that I feel compelled to respond. One A.W. Strouse wrote an op-ed for The Chronicle of Higher Education criticizing the “wild […]

The Collected Works of Gordon Haber (on Adjuncting)

  Welcome, wilkommen, bienvenue, come on in! Last week, to my surprise, my Writer’s Manifesto went modestly viral (more like a slight cold than Ebola). So while I have your attention, I want to do some awareness-raising about the plight of adjuncts. Not that I really like the idea of “raising awareness,” because said raising […]

Adjunct Survival Guide

  [N.B.: You are welcome to submit your own ideas. And to email me for advice.] Health Emotional Health. Don’t make yourself feel bad for feeling bad. If you’re grumpy or depressed or feeling horrendously inadequate, just accept it. I’m not saying embrace it. I’m saying that when you’re in a shitty situation  it’s normal […]

Even More Adjunct Horror Stories

1. Alice Doesn’t Work Here Anymore I left my adjunct teaching position in the middle of last semester for a job offer I received after a year of searching—applying for positions like academic advising, admissions recruiting, community education with non-profit organization, and reception at a massage therapy clinic. (This is what the job market in […]

More Adjunct Horror Stories!

Today’s adjunct horror stories come from two colleagues who prefer to remain anonymous. Both were lightly edited for length and clarity. Send me more! Misery loves company! Click on the “about” page for my email address. 1. They’ll Never Know I was teaching at a local college and I actually really liked the job except […]

Adjunct Horror Stories: True Tales of Obtuse Administrators and Adjunct Abuse

For your weekend reading pleasure (or schadenfreude inducement if you’re one of the admins whom I suspect reads my blog), I bring you the first installment of Adjunct Horror Stories! The Seeds of Friendship and Hatred When I first started adjuncting in the early 1990s, I worked at a suburban community college. Typically, I had […]

How to Think Like an Administrator (Part Deux)

  Once again I want to stress that my intention is not to undermine experienced organizers, who know a lot more than I do, or to talk down to my colleagues. I was inspired to write these posts because (a) I’ve been seeing a lot of distracting discussion about rhetoric and (b) in my experience […]


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