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Excellent Ways to Spend Your Time and Money This November

Come to a Reading!   November 7 at 8pm: Belated Book Party at Quimby’s NYC Wine, cheese and prose at a beautiful independent bookstore. 536 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211 November 15th at 7.30pm: Guerrilla Lit Reading Series at Dixon Place With Mylène Dressler and Victoria Redel. 161A Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002 Buy […]

Literary Selfie: Fall 2017

  Here’s what I am up to this fall: Reading! September 29th at the Platform Art Fair in Brooklyn. November 15th, Guerrilla Lit at Dixon Place. Writing! Uncle Oatmeal, a short story, was published in Killing the Buddha. I wrote about trying (and failing) to get Portuguese citizenship for Kveller. Shilling my book! UGGS FOR GAZA […]

Literary Selfie: Spring 2017 (aka Even a Time of National Crisis Can’t Distract Me from My Careerist Self-Absorption)

  ___ As usual, I am aware that in these difficult times, so many of you lie awake, staring at the ceiling and asking yourself, “What is Gordon Haber up to?” Rest easy, because here’s your answer: Writing! I wrote about The Handmaid’s Tale for Religion & Politics. I wrote about My Scientology Movie for Religion […]

New Story Collection Coming Soon!

(Psst: It hasn’t been officially released but it’s available on Amazon)

Literary Selfie: Fall 2016 (aka The World Is Collapsing But Everybody Pay Attention to Me)

  This is a difficult time, and I am sure that many of you are asking, Yes, but what about Gordon’s writing? Here are links to all the interesting stuff I’ve written about this fall: The funereal post-election atmosphere in D.C. for Killing the Buddha. An interview with a legal scholar on plurality in America for Religion & […]

His Grandmother Had Nothing to Leave Him. Except Her Memory.

Click to purchase! My new short story, His Grandmother’s Memory, is now available as an Amazon Kindle single. Here’s a teaser: “Listen to this,” the rabbi said.“‘Ibbur is the most positive form of possession, when a righteous soul decides to occupy a living person’s body for a time. The departed soul wishes to complete an […]

After Long, Cold Winter, Let Us Emerge Together into Spring

  Like many of us, I’ve been hunkered down all winter. Now suddenly I’m doing 4 events this March. Here they are: 3/3 @ 7pm: Columbia Faculty Selects at KGB Bar! This is a great reading series for emerging Columbia School of the Arts alumni. I’ll be pinch-hitting as host. Readers will be the mesmerizing Madeline Stevens, […]

I Have Figured Out How to Pay Writers

Not much, maybe, but something. That’s the idea behind Dutch Kills Press, LLC. It’s the company I started to publish e-books. Each contributor earns 50% of the profit from his or her e-book. So if a contributor doesn’t earn much, neither does the company. The summer list is up. Check out the website. If you don’t have a Kindle […]

The 20 Best Novellas in the History of Mankind

Video: “How do peasants die?” On the life and death of Tolstoy, famous vegetarian. I love me some novels and short stories. But I am particularly attracted to novellas. (Here’s mine! Buy them!) I was reminded of this after re-reading one that blew me away (see #20). So I thought I’d revisit my own list. […]

A Writer’s Manifesto (Once Again)

  (N.B. I originally posted this last year; reposting and sticking it at the top of my blog to remember that there is a way to navigate the ridiculousness of writing with dignity and integrity.) 1. I will use social media wisely. If I have work to share, I will share it. But I will […]


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