Pilots I Pitched That Did Not Get Picked Up

by GH

Brain Food
A zombie who solves crimes survives by eating the brains of other zombies.

NCIS: Skokie
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigates a mysterious rash of zombie slayings in a bustling Midwestern metropolis.

Accounts Slayable
A sexy, suspenseful thriller about a CPA who solves group health care tax fraud cases with the help of a crusty IRS attorney and a zombie.

Untitled Johnny Weir
A high-flying skating correspondent who desperately seeks attention with flamboyant outfits solves crimes while evading zombies.

All In The Family 3000
The reanimated head of Archie Bunker makes racist remarks while evading zombies.

The Ill-Matched Duo
The wacky adventures of a slovenly sportswriter and his closeted roommate as they navigate the zombie apocalypse.

Dead Letter Office
In this fast-paced postal thriller, a zombie postman and his unemployed, wisecracking zombie best friend investigate a shocking zombie conspiracy that will change the course of their zombie lives.

A Few Ideas I’m Still Refining:
How I Met Your Cousin
Law and Order: SUV
The Vagina Dialogues