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Literary Selfie, 2018

When you work in the arts, you’re always second-guessing yourself, wishing you produced more, earned more, etc. That’s why at the end of the year I like to look back at what I accomplished. Because while usually it’s less than what I wanted, it’s often more than I had thought. I realize that for many […]

Religion! Sex! Guilt!

The new e-book I co-edited for Killing the Buddha: Oh God Oh Oh God Oh God: Essays on Sex and Religion × Religion and sex, sex and religion — what happens when you put them together? In this case, you get 19 engaging essays on topics like: × • Sex ed in Catholic school! • […]

FAQ: “Cancer Doesn’t Shit About Your Stupid Attitude,” an E-Book by Mary Valle

Today’s guest blogger is the spectacular Mary Valle, a poet, illustrator and prose writer who just published the ebook CANCER DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR STUPID ATTITUDE.   Do you have to be Catholic and/or have cancer to “get” this book? It’s a book for everyone. If you can relate to fear, struggle, doubt, […]

An Interview with Mike Heppner

Mike Heppner and I became friends in graduate school, bonding over a shared interest in good writing and cheap beer. Since then I’ve been a fan of Mike’s work, reading his novels—The Egg Code, Pike’s Folly, and Man Talking—with admiration and interest. Most recently, Mike’s blistering novella, Nada, was published by Amazon as a Kindle […]


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