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The 10 Things That Successful People Don’t Do on Monday Mornings

  Many people have asked me how I got so successful. “Gordon,” they say. “How did you get so much of the success?” The first thing I tell them is that behind every good man there is a good woman with a better job. The second thing I tell them is that success is less […]

The Soothing Stroke of the Invisible Hand

Some time ago I begged people to stop writing stupid things about adjuncts, because I am unable to stop myself from responding and thus I take time away from writing for money. Therefore every time you write something stupid about adjuncts, you are taking food from my child’s mouth. Today my hackles have been raised […]

Adjuncts! It’s Your Own Damn Fault! That Arrogant Libertarian Troll is Absolutely Right!

It is your fault! The arrogant libertarian troll (aka Jason Brennan) argues that (1) adjuncts should have known what the risks were and how bad the system is and (2) they have better options. In other words, adjuncts, it’s your own damn fault. Adjuncts should have known how hard it is to get a decent […]

A Brief Guide to Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Reactions to the Violence in Yarmouk

Appropriate Shock, Sadness, Anger Donation to Syria Relief or Doctors Without Borders Inappropriate Noting the hypocritical silence of those who only care about Palestinians when they are harmed by Israelis, which, while being a trenchant observation, makes you look petty if it’s your only reaction to epic suffering  

I Love The Economist But When It Comes to Higher Ed They Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

Last week The Economist ran a special section on higher ed. (Speaking of capitalism, I was late getting to the report because I was busy with this.) It’s surprisingly self-contradictory for a magazine that prides itself on its clarity of thought. Here are just a few things the report gets wrong: 1. It blames the […]

The Funniest Thing I’ve Read This Week

From Karl Marx: A Biography, by David McLellan: “Whether Marx himself possessed anti-semitic tendencies is a matter of much controversy: certainly a superficial reading of his pamphlet On the Jewish Question would indicate as much; and his letters contain innumerable derogatory epithets concerning Jews; but this does not justify a charge of sustained anti-semitism.”

All This Thinkiness About Student Shaming Is Missing the Point

Here’s the backstory: Vitae started a column, “Dear Student,” in which professors kvetch about the irritating things that students do every single semester, like not bothering to buy the textbook or not showing up to class. Some guy says that he will no longer write for Vitae because said column is “student-shaming.” Someone else says […]

A Brief Response to Some Despicable Nonsense

Some guy named Jason Stevens, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Dallas, wrote about National Adjunct Walkout Day. He is so insanely wrong about so many things. Allow me to briefly take you through his “argument.” (Briefly because I have deadlines.) He starts by proclaiming his adjunct bonafides: I’ve been employed as an adjunct […]

National Adjunct Walkout Day 2015 FAQ!

    What is National Adjunct Walkout Day? Today, adjuncts throughout this great land will be doing teach-ins, slow-downs and yes, walking out. Not because they’re greedy or lazy or they want something for nothing. They simply want to be paid a fair wage. OK, what is an adjunct? An adjunct is a professional college […]

7 Quick Facts about the Pagan Festival of Imbolc

  It marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The “b” in “Imbolc” is silent. The day is associated with Brigid, the Irish goddess of poetry, who also, while mourning for her son killed in battle, invented keening. Brigid is a “triple deity”—she has two sisters named Brigid. The day […]


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