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Literary Selfie: Fall 2016 (aka The World Is Collapsing But Everybody Pay Attention to Me)

  This is a difficult time, and I am sure that many of you are asking, Yes, but what about Gordon’s writing? Here are links to all the interesting stuff I’ve written about this fall: The funereal post-election atmosphere in D.C. for Killing the Buddha. An interview with a legal scholar on plurality in America for Religion & […]

His Grandmother Had Nothing to Leave Him. Except Her Memory.

Click to purchase! My new short story, His Grandmother’s Memory, is now available as an Amazon Kindle single. Here’s a teaser: “Listen to this,” the rabbi said.“‘Ibbur is the most positive form of possession, when a righteous soul decides to occupy a living person’s body for a time. The departed soul wishes to complete an […]

After Long, Cold Winter, Let Us Emerge Together into Spring

  Like many of us, I’ve been hunkered down all winter. Now suddenly I’m doing 4 events this March. Here they are: 3/3 @ 7pm: Columbia Faculty Selects at KGB Bar! This is a great reading series for emerging Columbia School of the Arts alumni. I’ll be pinch-hitting as host. Readers will be the mesmerizing Madeline Stevens, […]

I Have Figured Out How to Pay Writers

Not much, maybe, but something. That’s the idea behind Dutch Kills Press, LLC. It’s the company I started to publish e-books. Each contributor earns 50% of the profit from his or her e-book. So if a contributor doesn’t earn much, neither does the company. The summer list is up. Check out the website. If you don’t have a Kindle […]

The 20 Best Novellas in the History of Mankind

Video: “How do peasants die?” On the life and death of Tolstoy, famous vegetarian. I love me some novels and short stories. But I am particularly attracted to novellas. (Here’s mine! Buy them!) I was reminded of this after re-reading one that blew me away (see #20). So I thought I’d revisit my own list. […]

A Writer’s Manifesto (Once Again)

  (N.B. I originally posted this last year; reposting and sticking it at the top of my blog to remember that there is a way to navigate the ridiculousness of writing with dignity and integrity.) 1. I will use social media wisely. If I have work to share, I will share it. But I will […]

The 10 Things That Successful People Don’t Do on Monday Mornings

  Many people have asked me how I got so successful. “Gordon,” they say. “How did you get so much of the success?” The first thing I tell them is that behind every good man there is a good woman with a better job. The second thing I tell them is that success is less […]

The 12 Reasons My Book Deal Collapsed

  Because they were trying to anticipate what the reviewers would say and have me rewrite the book accordingly, which, I can tell you as a fiction writer and a book reviewer, is a waste of time. Because they wanted me to make changes to satisfy the marketing people. Because I was repeatedly asked, “Why […]

Book Deal, Shmook Deal

I will not be publishing my novel. At least not with that company. We agreed on some changes. I did them. Then they said, “Make these other changes or we won’t publish the book.” I offered a few concessions. But if I followed the bigger changes it would have ruined the book. So that’s that. […]

Drop Everything

Stop what you’re doing immediately and have a look at my new e-publishing venture, Dutch Kills Press, LLC.


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