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Literary Selfie 2014

* Because obviously “What did Gordon publish in 2014?” is the burning question in all your minds: My novellas False Economies and Adjunctivitis are still available as Kindle Singles. (If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get a free reading app here.) The Parenthetical Review published my story The German Photographer. Zeek published my […]

Blah Blah Blah Higher Ed Technology Blah Blah Blah

Wired Magazine—that is, the magazine that takes any idea seriously so long as technology is involved—has a piece up about how to fix higher ed: 4 Radical Ideas for Reinventing College Drawn from Stanford Research. Let’s parse that title. (Yes, I know journalists don’t write the titles, editors do. That changes none of my points.) […]

The Honest Resume

Education 1990: BA in English and Fine Arts (double major!) from a state school whose English and Fine Arts departments were the opposite of rigorous and mostly staffed by bored, detached tenured faculty. 2002: MFA in Creative Writing, Fiction Concentration, from an Ivy League institution (Columbia if you must know), which I am still paying […]

On Success in America

…it was strange because we’d been doing Python for so long in a sense before we really took off. When I met the guys who do the animated series South Park at Aspen a year ago, it was a couple of pieces of paper, and now they’ve got sixty animators working with them. That’s what […]

Writers: Buy This. It Can Help.

  Friends: my delightful wife, in whom I delight, has published a fantastic writing guide, 9 Juicy Weeks to a Wonderfully Imperfect First Draft. It will help you get through your first draft (duh) and help you develop a little discipline and a relatively pain-free writing process. It’s great for fiction writers, playwrights, screenwriters and […]


Fortune 500 co. seeks blogger with in-depth knowledge of health care industry. 50¢ a post! Great exposure! Hot new online mag seeks celebrity news writer for 700 years of experience. Please send 3 clips & 1 kidney (someone else’s OK) to Staceeee1@celebnow.com. Alaskan Tundra Magazine, Alaska’s premier magazine on the all things tundra, seeks features […]

Let’s Raise Billions But Use None of It to Help Half Our Teaching Staff!

  Columbia University, I Love You! I’m serious! Its MFA program got me started as a teacher and a writer. And I still don’t regret that career path or that I had to borrow $35K — if it weren’t for that teaching fellowship, I’d have borrowed twice as much. But in retrospect I see now […]

Another Patronizing Academic Who Thinks He Knows Better

I want to stop blogging about adjuncting because (a) there are more qualified people doing it and (b) it doesn’t earn me any money. And then something comes along that irritates me so much that I feel compelled to respond. One A.W. Strouse wrote an op-ed for The Chronicle of Higher Education criticizing the “wild […]

It’s a Haber Harmonic Convergence

No, we’re not talking about two drinks for the price of one or back-to-back Bob Seger songs. We’re talking about two fine examples of journalism and commentary from me: My modest proposal in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision: give corporations the right to bear arms. Theater artists respond to the Pew Survey on […]

A Writer’s Manifesto

  1. I will use social media wisely. If I have work to share, I will share it. But I will never blog/tweet/Facebook about how hard writing is or how many words I wrote today. Nobody cares! And every time I get caught humblebragging (“I am overwhelmed by all the talent here at Yaddo!”) I […]


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