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Literary Selfie, 2022

It was a very tough year for all of us, what with the continuing political, social, and epidemiological upheavals. Here is what I managed to get off my desk anyway: Fiction My short story, Winter Break, 1986, about family responsibility and the pickle business, was published in┬áScud. The First Hard Fight, a short story about […]

Now Even the Chronicle Is Clicktrolling

You may have read Negotiating Your Way to a Fair Adjunct Experience on Vitae. I am not linking to it because I have no interest in helping the Chronicle get more pageviews, even the modest number this blog may provide. Anyway. The piece is about how adjuncts should negotiate and be willing to walk if […]

The 10 Best Ways to Avoid Reading Listicles

Remember that someday you will die. Think of the poor suffering children with no access to the Internet. Keep a caged hungry ferret next to your laptop, and whenever you’re tempted to read a listicle, stick your hand in the cage. If you’re a conservative, tell yourself that every time you read a listicle, Al […]

The Funniest Thing I’ve Read This Week

From Karl Marx: A Biography, by David McLellan: “Whether Marx himself possessed anti-semitic tendencies is a matter of much controversy: certainly a superficial reading of his pamphlet On the Jewish Question would indicate as much; and his letters contain innumerable derogatory epithets concerning Jews; but this does not justify a charge of sustained anti-semitism.”


  Hyman Bachwald, 167 Allen Street, New York. Neurotic and epileptic. Mother worked in factory previous to marriage, and while Hyman was coming. Her mentality is questioned. The grandmother has been blind 8 years. Father acts feeble minded, and deserted 3 years ago. Hyman’s brother (defective) is now on Randalls Island. Mother’s sister was also […]

Pilots I Pitched That Did Not Get Picked Up

Brain Food A zombie who solves crimes survives by eating the brains of other zombies. NCIS: Skokie The Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigates a mysterious rash of zombie slayings in a bustling Midwestern metropolis. Accounts Slayable A sexy, suspenseful thriller about a CPA who solves group health care tax fraud cases with the help of […]

Recent Writing from Yours Truly

  False Economies: A Novella, my Kindle Single about London in the early 90s, is $2.99. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get a free reading app here. Jewish Fiction published The Real Story of Nigel Embo, a short story set in Warsaw about writing, race and male competition. For Religion Dispatches, I […]


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