Five Questions for the Crazy Rich Asians

by Gordon Haber

Look at these crazy kids
  1. Freedom House rates Singapore as “partly free” and its press as “not free.” Given that Nick’s family enjoys a leading role in Singaporean business affairs, is it reasonable to assume that the Young family is complicit with an authoritarian government?
  2. Given the conspicuous overconsumption of fossils fuels—via multiple helicopters, an Audi R8, a shipping vessel, and the like—is it fair to say that Crazy Rich Asians are not concerned about the dangers of global warming to the island nation of Singapore?
  3. About 10% of the population of Singapore is of South Asian origin. And yet the only South Asians in the movie seem to be either valets are bodyguards. Is this because they are not “crazy rich?”
  4. “Rainbow sheep” cousin Oliver is gay. And yet same-sex sexual activity in Singapore is illegal, even between consenting adults. Is Oliver’s effusiveness merely a cover for his sadness and fear?
  5. Thousands of foreign workers in Singapore have been paid less than promised, or not paid at all. Why does this not seem to be an issue for Rachel, an economist?