UK English vs. US English

It’s not a contest. But a client asked me for the main things to keep in mind when “translating” documents. So here’s an (ongoing) list.


US English titles capitalize all words except articles and prepositions: Sense and Sensibility

British titles are not capitalized: Sense and sensibility

Capitalize UK titles with proper nouns: The Death of Ivan Ilych

Quotation marks.

In the US, it’s double quotation marks:
“Hey, that’s my blanket,” Fred said.

Single quotation marks across the pond:
‘Oi, that’s me blanket’, Kevin said.

Note that in the US, punctuation goes inside the quote:
“Hey buddy, that’s my truck,” Stella said.

In the UK it’s outside:
“Mate, that’s me lorry”, said Tina.


There’s a great list here.

Certain words to look out for.


Grammar quirks.

Collective nouns take plural (“Arsenal are…”)

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