Year-End Roundup

by Gordon Haber

Roundup in Colorado. Detroit Photographic Co., ca 1898.

Roundup in Colorado. Detroit Photographic Co., ca 1898.


Fiction. I am grateful to have published a good amount of fiction in 2013. First and foremost, I got two novellas out into the world via Amazon’s stellar Kindle Singles program:

  • Adjunctivitis, a novella about a part-time college instructor in L.A. in a desperate quest for health insurance
  • False Economies, a novella about a young American in Thatcherite London.

More good news: I published three short stories:

  • UGGs for Gaza: a story about love, lying and Los Angeles, in The Normal School (this one was nominated for a Pushcart!)
  • Bourges, 1990, about music and France and travel in the days before the Internet, in The Weekly Rumpus.
  • The Real Story of Nigel Embo, about race, writing and male competition, in Jewish Fiction.


Nonfiction. I wrote about stuff that I find deeply interesting, like the connections between religion, culture and economics:

For Religion Dispatches, I opinionated about terrorism, God, the Inquisition, atheist aesthetics, Godonomics (ha!) and the Biblical Money Code (double ha!).

And for the Jewish Daily Forward, I wrote about the American West, the long history of options trading, the exploitation of adjuncts and poverty in America.


In Conclusion (as my students often write)…You’ll hear a lot of complaining from writers. We must be the complaining-est profession. But, looking back, I don’t have much to complain about—which, of course, doesn’t mean I’ll stop complaining.

I hope that 2014 brings you peace and prosperity. Please share your 2013 triumphs and tribulations: write me at my first name and last name with no spaces at gmail or send me a tweet.